Mugabe Cannot Be Removed From Power The Egypt Style – UK Labour MP

Hoey who has been described by Mugabe’s men as the woman who sneaks in and out” of Zimbabwe was at one point threatened with arrest but she has not gotten tired.

She was in Zimbabwe in 2005 when the devastating Operation Murambatsvina (drive out filth) was unleashed on urban dwellers leaving thousands of them without shelter. In 2006 she witnessed the brutal assault of trade union leaders some of whom are now crippled by the injuries they suffered and also watched the 2008 electoral violence.

“Mugabe can’t be broken by any Iraq, Egypt or Libya. It’s not a workable solution in that beautiful country which is full of peace loving people,” said Hoey. “All we can do is to continue doing things that give hope to the people of Zimbabwe and things that will get Zimbabwe back to a situation where it takes its place among great nations.”

“We must keep the international interest on Zimbabwe. SADC, African Union, South Africa and the European Union must offer Zimbabwe the support it needs to have a free and fair election. They should make sure that the agreed benchmarks are put in place particularly the media which is quite crucial in such circumstances.”

Hoey dispelled the argument that is usually put on the table by some African leaders that Zimbabwe is an African problem that needs an African solution.

“I have said many times it would be great if there was an African solution but we have waited long enough for quiet diplomacy to work.

“Africans must hang their heads in shame for having allowed such a desperate situation to continue almost without anybody doing anything to try and stop it,” said Hoey.

In the past she has pushed for the expulsion of children of Zanu (PF) ministers studying at schools and universities in the UK and other western countries as part of a campaign to pressure for the restoration human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe.

She is still of the opinion that Zimbabwe should be excluded from all international sporting events until democracy is restored in Zimbabwe.

“I will continue to call for a sporting boycott of Zimbabwe something which was so successful in fighting apartheid in South Africa,” she said.