Mugabe Castigates Factionalism, Slams Mutasa's Admin Department

Zanu(PF) leader  President Robert Mugabe has applauded the Women’s League for remaining united despite having some differences.

In his closing remarks at the Zanu PF National Women’s Conference in Harare this Friday evening, President Mugabe said women did not allow petty issues to divide them, adding that unity makes them a formidable force against any hindrances that may come their way.

“You subdued your differences and gave no chance to some subversive elements, to come up with ideas that put the interest of the nation first,” said  Mugabe.

Mugabe said although there are programmes for women empowerment at party and government levels, some promises made in the past that remain unfulfilled.

He said government will not succeed in the implementation of the country’s economic blue print, ZIMASSET unless there is unity of purpose amongst the leaders.

Mugabe castigated factionalism especially amongst men and urged them to emulate women.

He congratulated the newly elected Women’s League Executive, and urged the members to work hard with other organs of the party to improve the administration of the party, which he said is not as perfect as they want.

“The party’s administration has its weaknesses, we are always in debt, and always seek donations and bank overdrafts, why is this so when we have farms and other initiatives to make money? Our management must wake up,” said Mugabe.

As he assumes the SADC Chairmanship in the next few days, Mugabe assured the nation that government will work for peace and unity in the region, adding that SADC leaders must never criticise each other in public but aim to resolve differences amicably to shame the former colonisers who want to see divisions.

The women’s conference ended with a resolution that the First Lady, Grace Mugabe be appointed as the new Secretary for Women Affairs.

Concluding its conference at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC), the wing also announced its resolution to endorse President Mugabe as the sole candidate of Zanu PF for the December elective congress.

The resolution by women mean that Amai Mugabe now awaits Politburo appointment to take over as the new Secretary of Women Affairs from the incumbent, who is also Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister, Oppah Muchinguri.

The First Lady was last month unanimously recommended by the provincial executives for the position of secretary of the league, and got overwhelming support from the country’s provinces and the Youth League.

The Women’s League also resolved that the government revives the National Youth Service and the Chitepo Ideological College so that Zimbabweans will have an opportunity to learn about the country’s history, culture, and the values of patriotism, peace and unity.

The wing urged the government to continue with its women empowerment programmes such as giving more women land and empowering them through training and capacity building programmes so that they adopt the necessary agriculture and value-addition technologies for their socio-economic upliftment.

On reproductive health, the Women’s League called for the removal maternal fees for expecting women, as well as the removal of import duty on all sanitary ware and equipment used in their production.