Mugabe Duped Us, Say Villagers

Villagers including Zanu (PF) supporters are now regretting voting for Mugabe in 2008 elections saying the computers which he donated in secondary and primary schools in the district have not changed anything since there is no electricity in all the schools.
When Mugabe donated the computers in rural schools during campaigns for 2008 elections, he promised villagers that he was going to make sure that all the schools would get electricity in the earliest possible time.
“Mugabe duped us, he is a liar. He came to us and donated hundreds of computers in our schools three years ago but not even one donated computers was turned on since then. He promised rural electrification in the possible earliest time but up to now there is nothing,” said
Thomas Mujeyi in Bikita south.
Zanu PF councilor Peter Wafawarova of ward 12 in Bikita said convincing villagers that Mugabe did not lie has become an uphill task for his office.
“Its becoming more difficult on daily basis, people feel betrayed. Ofcourse we understand that he (Mugabe) might be busy doing other things but he should communicate through formal channels so that people would know when they can expect to start using computers in schools,” said Wafawarova.
Schools such as Birevenge, Makanga, Chikwira and Chirima Secondary schools received hundreds of computers but officials say the donation is ‘rotting’ in store rooms.
“Yes we have computers in our schools but they are rotting in store rooms as we speak. There is no one among students who benefited fromthat donation,” said one of the school officials.
Masvingo Provincial Administrator who is in the Masvingo rural electrification board Felix Chikovo said there are signs of electrifying rural schools soon.
“It is very difficult to tell when these schools maybe electrified especially now. We areprioritizing schools which are less than ten kilometers away from existing power line,” said Chikovo.
Chikovo said it was not for him to comment whether President Mugabe lied or not.
Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) president Takavafira Zhou said it was better if Mugabe could have donated text books and furniture rather than computers which are not benefiting students.
“It was a misdirected donation, he should have donated other things like text books in rural schools rather than mocking teachers and education officials. Two years down the line, teachers and children have not benefited from his donation and they are justified to sayMugabe coned them,” said Zhou.