Mugabe Fuming Over WikiLeaks

Attorney General, Johannes Tomana disclosed to Radio VOP on Tuesday that investigations will soon start, adding there would be no sacred cows.

The leaks revealed that senior Zanu (PF) officials had gone behind Mugabe’s back to see American ambassador, telling him that they wanted Mugabe to go but were afraid of asking him to retire. It is understood the disclosures, which leaves Mugabe with a few senior party officials to trust and isolated, has angered him to the extent that he wants those implicated prosecuted by the AG.

Rugare Gumbo, the Zanu (PF) spokesman, described the Wikileaks ‘disturbing’.

“Those named in the cable leaks must examine their conscience as the party is seriously investigating the matter,” said Gumbo. “It is unfortunate that some senior and prominent people have been implicated but the party is looking into the matter with the seriousness it deserves.”

At the official opening of parliament by Mugabe on Tuesday, most of the Zanu (PF) officials looked very uncomfortable.

Skhanyiso Ndlovu, who was quoted by the explosive Wiki Leaks cables nearly bumped into a Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) outside broadcasting van on Tuesday. Zanu (PF) supporters who gathered outside parliament booed him as he entered parliament,shouting: “Wiki Leaks, Wiki Leaks.”

Zanu (PF) politburo member and Minister of Youth Development and Indigenisation, Saviour Kasukuwere, who has positioned himself as a champion of the youths, had his own constituency turning against him. They booed him shouting: “Kasukuwere Wikileaks.”

According to the cable reports, Kasukuwere is said to have told US ambassador Charles Ray that it was time for President Robert Mugabe to go. Kasukuwere is among Zanu (PF) officials pushing for leadership renewal in the party.
USA ambassador Ray Charles, in his cables, described Kasukuwere, as a “dangerous character and who had the potential of being thug.”

Zanu (PF) legislator for Tsholotsho, Jonathan Moyo, an arch critic of the Americans by day, but who nicodemously visited them by night, was conspicuous by his absence at parliament.

The US envoy described him as a great orator and shrewd analyst and faithful messenger and a reliable source of Zanu (PF) information.

The mob also shouted “Wiki leaks” when the US ambassador also arrived at the parliament house.

This is not the first time the Wiki leaks have caused an explosion. The first time it exposed Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and officials in Zanu (PF) and pseudo political analysts made a beeline urging Tomana to institute investigations and prosecute Tsvangirai for sharing information with the Americans.