Mugabe, Go Hang If You Feel Insulted: Lumumba

FORMER Zanu PF activist William Gerald Mutumanje, also known as Acie Lumumba (pictured), yesterday shocked the court when he repeatedly dropped the “F” word while trying to demonstrate that he did not insult President Robert Mugabe using the term.

He repeated the word before regional magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe as he was being led by his lawyer Ashiel Mugiya, while supporting the application for the referral of his case to the Constitutional Court.

Lumumba said he indeed uttered the “F” word at Mugabe, but only as an expression.

He said Mugabe should “go hang” if he felt insulted by the word.

“Yes, I said f*** you to the President. Mugabe is a leader of a political party and I’m also a political party leader. Automatically, we will exchange political differences and expressions as leaders. I think he understands it is political, he expresses himself, I do the same,” Lumumba said.

Mugiya further asked Lumumba what he meant when you said “F. . . you Mugabe”.

“That was an expression of how I feel. I can give you an example: I can say this court is fucking awesome, and it’s an expression. I can say I’m fucking tired, still it’s an expression. My utterance was an expression of displeasure over how Mugabe has handled this country for the past six years – his inability to create jobs, his inability to keep his promise of the manifesto – the economic blueprint, ZimAsset,” Lumumba said.

“If calling him out is an insult, I then believe the President has been fucking us for the past 36 years, so fuck you back, this is just an expression.”

He added: “The President also expresses himself. Recently at the National Heroes’ Acre, he expressed himself over political opponents and activists. He said those who were not happy should go where they were happy, and now that is an insult, not fuck you.”

Lumumba told the court that he had the right to tell Mugabe how he felt as he was also a political leader. He then challenged Mugabe to appear in court personally and complain if he felt insulted.

“I believe the case has no merit. Mugabe’s job is to be answerable to me, and now I’m being charged for challenging him to do his constitutional job,” he said. “If he feels that I insulted him, he should come and tell this court himself and not send other people.”

Lumumba, who is out on bail, was arrested nearly three weeks ago after he dropped the “F” word on Mugabe while announcing the formation of his political party, Viva Zimbabwe.

Prosecutor George Manokore and Lionella Chitanda will respond to his ConCourt application on Tuesday.