Mugabe 'Handcuffs Present' Activist Flees Country

KWEKWE based human rights defender and author Nkosilathi Moyo Snr, who once sent a pair of handcuffs as a birthday present to President Robert Mugabe, has been forced to flee the country fearing state persecution.

Moyo (28) is also former Chairperson of Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition (CIZC) Youth Committee.

Early this year, Moyo sent a prison uniform and handcuffs to President Mugabe ahead of his 92nd birthday which was on the 21st of February.

Moyo sent the cheeky gift to the office of the President via DHL.

The present also had the veteran leader’s portrait inscribed, “Wanted – R.G Mugabe for Crimes Against Humanity”.

President Mugabe is accused of gross human rights violations and mismanaging the economy during the past 36 years he has been at the helm of the country.

In a video message released on January 27 this year, Moyo said, “I have sent a birthday present to President Robert Mugabe today and I wish him well on his 92nd birthday scheduled for the 21st of February.

“I feel the President must be brought to justice one day for crimes against humanity and gross human rights violations committed by his Zanu PF government for the past three and half decades that they have been in power.

“So with this gift I say Happy Birthday in advance President Mugabe and bear in mind that one day justice will prevail on this land. The present will be delivered at the President’s office tomorrow morning.”

It is not the first time Moyo has taken aim at Mugabe and his family.

The democracy activist has penned a scathing book that traces First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rise to power and its implications on the ruling Zanu PF party.

Moyo says in his 183-page book that Africa was in the habit of blaming the West for its economic misfortunes when its leaders are its greatest betrayers.