Mugabe Has No Power: Mzembi

Mzembi then passed the information to the US envoy James McGee, during a brief about his tour to America, saying Mugabe asked him to address
the party’s next politburo meeting, where reform was top of the agenda.

“Mugabe responded by saying that a number of Zanu PF elders were resisting change; they did not realise or accept that Zanu PF had not
won the election and that compromise was, therefore, necessary,” Mzembi is quoted as having said.

Asked if Mugabe accepted reform, Mzembi is reported to have said that “he didn’t know if Mugabe had the power to enforce his will on these issues”.

Mzembi says Mugabe was influenced by those he met the most particularly service chiefs and Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The Tourism Minister’s trip seems to have enlightened him on the need for reform, telling the American envoys that US president, Barack Obama was his “idol”.

In conclusion, McGee concluded that Mugabe was in an ambiguous position, saying he had bucked Zanu-PF hardliners by entering the GPA work, but he was not taking necessary steps to make the unity government work.