Mugabe Highfield House To Be Spruced Up For Tourists

Other houses belonging to the country’s nationalists will also be spruced up.

Tourism and hospitality minister, Walter Mzembi said at a cocktail party for the Sanganai Expo, on Tuesday night, that the exercise to improve the houses was part of the branding of the country.

A political analyst, Pedzisai Ruhanya, however, criticised the move to face lift the houses, saying government should rather commit funds to poverty, education, shortage of drugs in hospitals and offer free maternity services.

He said the country could also solve the 80 percent unemployment rate and improve poor facilities at institutions of higher learning.

Mzembi said Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Nelson Chamisa promised to equip the houses with state of art ICTs.

But Ruhanya criticised MDC, saying:“The MDC has no agenda, what is its agenda? What we want to hear is the MDC’s policy …not joining Zanu (PF) policies…we want to see MDC Tourism blue Print, not rubber stamping Zanu (PF) policies.”