Mugabe Hits At West Again

According to the state-owned Herald Newspaper, Mugabe who was addressing chiefs at their annual conference said: “Listen to the stupidity from Bri-tain and America. They say we have not done much in the implementation of the Global Political Agreement. Who are you damn fools?”

“Munei neGPA yedu?(What have you got to do with our GPA) Sevarungu (As whites) they come to us and semafuza (as fools) tinomhanyira ikoko (we rush to them).”

The paper quoted him saying “Westerners were free to come and invest in Zimbabwe, but should never come here as masters.Vanokupai ma-ideas okuti varambe vari mamasters.” (They give you ideas that will make you remain inferior to them).

“We are masters of our destiny. If the British want to be in business, they are welcome not as masters anymore.

“The British sun never rises here. It is the Zimbabwean sun that rises and sets here . . . I ask you chiefs to help us because some of your learned children do not understand,” the paper quoted him.

Local Government, Rural and Urban Development Minister Ignatius Chombo was quoted by the paper saying government had bought 28 vehicles for traditional leaders.

All traditional leaders who got vehicles in 2004/2005 would from next year receive twin-cab replacements.

The paper said the chiefs in turn declared their support for President Mugabe’s principles and values, and declared he was the best person to lead Zimbabwe now and in the future.