Mugabe Holding Adultery Evidence Against Catholic Bishops

A recent cable by the whistle blowing website revealed that Evangelical Bishop Trevor Manhanga indicated that Mugabe was holding the adultery evidence against the Bishops during discussions with United States diplomats based in Harare. He was commenting after Archbishop Pius Ncube’s alleged sexual escapades were exposed on national television.

“Evangelical Bishop Trevor Manhanga told United States embassy officials that although Archbishop Pius Ncube was set up, the charges of adultery that were being levelled against him were undoubtedly true and would do considerable harm to the opposition,” read the cable.

“Ncube also said the GOZ is holding evidence against two other Catholic bishops. This will be a severe blow to the Catholic Church and to the Save Zimbabwe Coalition of which Ncube was a prominent member.”

After the expose Ncube took a back seat from political activity and retreated to Hwange where he is believed to be operating from. He had become a thorn in Mugabe’s flesh, often praying for the demise of the veteran ruler.

According to the cable, Manhanga and Bishop Sebastian Bakare of Mutare, met with Mugabe to discuss the situation in Zimbabwe and Mugabe’s future, including plans for retirement.

“He (Manhanga) told us he emphasised to Mugabe the urgency of dealing with the Zimbabwean crisis and that a resolution was dependent upon Mugabe’s retirement and plan for succession,” read the cable.

“According to Manhanga, Mugabe was noncommittal, but left the clear impression he intended to run for election and, after being re-elected, to then deal with the succession issue.

Mugabe complained that his cabinet was the worst ever and was constantly speaking out without co-ordinating with him.”

The cable was wired to Washington in July 2007.