Mugabe in scathing attacks on Britain "gaydom"

Addressing mourners at the burial of the late CIO second in charge Menard Muzariri at the national shrine Thursday afternoon, Mugabe, who
was not in the usual company of his ailing wife Grace, accused European governments of committing time and resources to discuss
Zimbabwe’s politics.

“We get alarmed when these countries have the audacity to schedule us as an item for discussion in their own parliaments,” Mugabe said,
adding that Zimbabwe was no longer a British colony.

Mugabe spoke in a slow tone in a speech that lasted an hour.

“We do not worry about the goings on in Europe. We do not worry about the unnatural things that are happening there where they turn men into
women and women into men. To us it sounds very strange that people are going against nature but we say well, that’s the British, it’s their
choice. If they want to now call their country into a gaydom, British gaydom it’s up to them but we will not have that here its not part of
our culture.

“Soon even our dogs shall become men and people will be partner to beaches and bulldogs. That’s not our culture . Tinoramba tsvina
idvodzvo. Atidi kuzadzva tsvina. Chengetai tsvina dzenyu ikoko. Zvikaitika kuno tinoti mupengo kana asiri mupengo anorangwa ka.”

Mugabe further attacked Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai whom he said had no moral ground to rule this country as he ran away from the
liberation struggle.

Speaking in the vernacular Shona language, Mugabe said the MDC leader has shown no confidence in the capabilities of blacks to rule
themselves that is why he was inviting the whites to return to Zimbabwe and rule.

He also attacked some Zanu PF members who vow loyalty to his party yet they sell out to the enemy.