Mugabe Indicates Left And Turn Right On Gays

History has recorded that President Mugabe, a rabid critic of homosexuality, has co-existed with gay loyalists and his praise singers.

Zimbabweans in 1995 got the shock of their lives when a police inspector Jefta Dube, who had gunned down a subordinate in cold blood, later, claimed during court trial these were the after effects of numerous homosexual attacks on him by former President Canaan Banana.

Dube, who was Banana’s body guard, was first spotted while playing for the police Black Mambas football team which was in the top flight Super League.

It later emerged that Banana (now late) had preyed on several other policemen within the police team.

Some were allegedly sodomised to positions of power within the law enforcement agency.

How this escaped the attention of then executive Prime Minister Mugabe remains a mystery of all time.

But to suggest Mugabe and his spiky intelligence operatives would not have known about a scandal of such mega proportions would be a hard sale.

Dube even testified in his trial about reporting to a deputy police commissioner and a senior assistant police commissioner who both claimed they were helpless.

This allowed Banana to prolong his homosexual feast on the hapless cop for a good three years until Simon Muzenda, then Mugabe’s deputy, arranged his transfer from State House, after asking him to put his complaints in black and white.

Later in 2002, Alum Mpofu, who as ZBC Chief Executive Officer, was in charge of a medium that churns out pro-Mugabe propaganda, was caught in an act of homosexuality at a night spot.

Mpofu was forced into immediate resignation due to embarrassment.

In 2004, Dr David Nyekorach Matsanga, a Ugandan national who was fighting to clean Mugabe’s battered international image, caused a stir when he emphatically claimed that then Information and Publicity Minister and fanatical Mugabe defender Jonathan Moyo was gay.

Matsanga said he had obtained fibres, which he said had been scientifically tested and proven Moyo, had female hormones.

“I got all the samples of his hair from his own house,” Matsanga said in a statement released to international media then, “I took private forensic tests on Moyo’s samples of hair and samples of his cloth, and tests were carried out by Professor friends of mine in a London hospital.

“The purpose of those hair samples was to match with the data of those already confirmed as homosexuals which showed 94% of hormones matching that of Moyo’s cells as female gay.”

This also fuelled rumour of Mpofu and Moyo had a fling.

That would be a non-event for as long as Moyo continued to sing Mugabe’s praises.

In 2009, rumours emerged that then aspiring Vice President and Mugabe loyalist John Nkomo, had sodomised a Bulawayo man, Mncedisi Thwala.

Thwala spoke of ordeals with Nkomo but police, obviously under intense political pressure, chose to direct their efforts on dealing with the complainant for “lying”.

Also accused of sodomy is Higher Education Minister Stan Mudenge in 2003.

State security agents launched a manhunt for gay rights activist Dumisani Dube after he had made a stunning disclosure that he had a love affair with Mudenge, another Mugabe loyalist, further claiming Mudenge infected him with the deadly HIV virus.

While some may have given Mugabe the benefit of doubt for not having reacted to mere rumours, the biggest test came in September this year when his namesake Robert Mukondiwa, a state media journalist who had been in his delegation to Namibia, was caught “bonking” a fellow men in a hotel.

It is one thing to practice homosexuality and definitely another to do so when you had been assigned to accompany the State President on a state trip.

Even more dangerous and cheeky is when the President is someone who has declared homosexuality as taboo in his country and further labelled gays “worse than pigs and dogs”.

Despite this having been put to Mugabe’s knowledge or at least that of his lieutenants, Information and Publicity Minister Webster Shamu and his Permanent Secretary George Charamba, people with strong influence to the ZimPapers stable, nothing happened to the journalist, who has a powerful position in the muckracking tabloid, H-Metro.

This is in spite of that the journalist has also been caught in similar acts of homosexuality under the shelter of the same Herald House that has been the mouth piece of anti-gay vitriol.

It would be naïve to believe President Mugabe does not know of many other gay loyalists who have not yet been splashed on the public domain.

To buttress this, on Tuesday, Gays and Lesbians Association (GALZ) director Chester Samba confirmed in an interview with RadioVOP that, there were some politicians in top positions who are gays, suggesting the gay community is wider than those already spoken about in the public domain.

Recent days have seen the debate on the granting of gay rights intensifying.

This follows Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s statement in an interview with the BBC that homosexuality is a fundamental right.