Mugabe Life President-ZANU (PF) Youths

“That is a taboo comrades. We have said that in ZANU (PF) we have only one candidate for the party presidency and for the government, and it’s up to the almighty to say when he will be not with us.
“But to suggest that from now we start exploring the post Mugabe era it’s out of the question,” Absalom Sikhosana ZANU (PF) National Secretary for youth told journalists in Harare Wednesday.
The issue of succession in ZANU (PF) started in early 2000.
Some few years ago President Robert Mugabe said his senior party members were free to discuss the succession issue and went a step further to appoint a committee which was going to look into the issue.
Mugabe then made a u-turn on the issue when he appeared on national television saying there was no presidential vacancy in the party.
At the moment the issue is not being openly talked with ZANU (PF) senior officials talking about it in corridors.
 Mugabe since the attainment of independence 32years ago is both the country and his ZANU (PF)’s President.
Sikhosana said they will crash anyone who will challenge Mugabe’s Presidential candidature.
“We hear a lot of things, people talking about so and so jogging to be the President of this Republic. We know of only one candidate for the presidency of the party and government and that is none other than Robert Mugabe.
“He is the only and sole candidate for the presidency. What we are seeing in the papers, we do not know where you are gathering that from? We will not rule it out but if it is happening anywhere, we want to make it clear that the youths are not going to allow it, “he added.
Serious divisions are said to be rocking ZANU (PF) as the issue of succession gets hot. Sources within ZANU (PF) say there is an infighting which is causing fissures.

They say the death of the late retired Army Chief Solomon Mujuru was a result of power struggles within the party by people who are planning for the post Mugabe ZANU(PF).