Mugabe Likens NATO To Al Qaeda

Mugabe was addressing ordinary people at the National Heroes acre to commemorate Heroes day. He called Europeans “mad” people for interfering in Zimbabwe’s affairs and attacking Libya militarily adding that the West rejects the truth and violates international law.
 “So you get mad people in Europe. Mad people who refuse and reject the truth, mad people who defy international law. Look at what they are doing in Libya; it is NATO against international law. They seek to kill Gaddafi. They have in fact deliberately killed some of his children,” Mugabe said.
 “That’s why I say NATO is now a terrorist organisation as well. If it defies international law. It has lost its legitimacy; it has become terrorist and beware this they can do on any other African country than Libya. We must always be in a state of preparedness.”
Mugabe in a veiled attack to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said those people who have called for sanctions to be imposed on the country must make the European countries remove them. Mugabe has said in the past Tsvangirai called for the imposition of sanctions on him and top Zanu (PF) officials.
In his usual attack of Britain, Mugabe threatened to ‘ill-treat’ over 400 British owned companies because the former colonial master is still exploiting the country’s resources through various companies such as Rio Tinto.
“We will have to discriminate against countries that have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe. Why a company that belongs to Britain should be allowed to continue to mine our gold in this country, for example Rio Tinto,” Mugabe said.
Meanwhile, thousands of people including Tsvangirai attended the burial of Public Service Minister, Professor Eliphas Mukonoweshuro at the Warren Hills cemetery in the capital Harare. Tsvangirai and his top officials did not attend the Heroes commemorations at the national Heroes Acre.
Tsvangirai addressing mourners said; “I feel very heartbroken as Mukonoweshuro was one of Zimbabwe’s finest sons.”  
“Today is the National Heroes’ Day, a day to commemorate those who fought to free Zimbabwe and it is befitting that today we are burying a distinct person.  A person who showed commitment, courage and had a vision not only for the community but the whole nation.” 
Mukonoweshuro was born on 22 June 1953 at Gutu Mission Hospital.  He did his primary at Gutu primary school and went to Zimuto and Tekwane for his secondary education.
In 1973 he went to the University of Zimbabwe but was arrested for student activism.  He was detained for 14 months at Kadoma Prison.  On his release, Professor Mukonweshuro left the country through Botswana for the United Kingdom.

In the UK, he studied for Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees before attaining a PhD in Political Science.