Mugabe Meets US Envoy Amid WikiLeaks Storm

Ray first announced on Face Book that he met Mugabe for an hour and there was “nothing on WikiLeaks…it was a pleasant meeting, no WikiLeaks, no rants.”

According to some of the cables released by the whistleblower website WikiLeaks last month, the envoy met some senior Zanu (PF) officials to discuss Mugabe’s succession.

One of them was Vice President Joice Mujuru who allegedly met Ray at a secret location after chasing away her body guards.

Ray did not say much about the meeting with Mugabe only saying he found him “mentally alert and engaging.”

He said he also wished him a “good trip” to New York where he will attend the 66TH United Nations General Assembly on September 20.

But a statement released by the US embassy said “Ambassador Ray highlighted US support for agricultural livelihood programmes for rural families.

“He also noted that the United States is focusing renewed attention on tourism and trade, two areas with great potential for growth between the two nations and that will also grow the Zimbabwean economy and generate more jobs,” the embassy said.

“The ambassador informed the president about US Embassy support for a delegation of Zimbabwean business leaders to attend the Corporate Council on Africa’s US.-Africa Business Summit in Washington, DC.”

The summit will include a half day seminar on October 5 on “Doing Business in Zimbabwe” to highlight trade and business opportunities.

“Ambassador Ray further noted that the United States has consistently maintained its support for, and partnership with, Zimbabwe’s healthcare sector, working across a broad range of key areas including HIV/Aids prevention and treatment, healthcare systems strengthening, and a new malaria prevention initiative,” the statement added.

Ray also reportedly emphasised the need for improved relations between the US and Zimbabwe.