Mugabe Must Go – MDC

Solomon Madzore, the newly elected youth leader accompanied by his secretary general, Promise Mkwananzi said the party and his youth wing expected nothing less than Mugabe’s immediate exit from SADC summit resolutions.

Madzore who was addressing an MDC-T meeting, Friday in Johannesburg said:“We expect two things from SADC, a clear roadmap on elections and a clear plan on Mugabe’s speedy exit”, said Madzore said to an applause of party stalwarts.

Mkwananzi speaking on the situation obtaining currently in Zimbabwe said the ruling partner Zanu (PF) was intensifying its repression mechanism with him and his leader facing a possible arrest on their immediate return to Zimbabwe.

“We are currently facing police harassment, as I am speaking right now Madzore is in possession of a request to report to the police station for inquiry, we have not reported yet as we are running away from prospect of torture”, added Mkwananzi.

Madzore took a swipe on party members who practice violence saying anyone who does that automatically disqualifies himself as a member of his party.

Meanwhile fireworks are expected on Saturday between Zanu (PF) and MDC-T parties at the venue where the SADC summit will be taking place.

Ishmael Kauzani of the Zimbabwe Youth Wing confirmed to Radio VOP that Zanu (PF) bussed over 200 people from Zimbabwe to come and cause problems on the sidelines of SADC summit.

Madock Chivasa, spokesperson of the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) said behaviour being exhibited by Zanu (PF) of bussing its hooligans was a clear sign of desperation.

“They have run out of ideas, it’s not only hooligans who have been bussed but even their propaganda machinery including Jonathan Moyo, Chris Mutsvangwa was also transported to come and grace the occasion”, said Chivasa.