Mugabe Not Going Anywhere

Speaking to Radio VOP on Sunday Sibanda, the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) leader  said Mugabe is still the Zanu (PF) candidate in next elections and nobody  inside or outside the party will stop him. 

“The President Mugabe is not going anywhere, and  I tell you no-one within the party or outside will stop him from  contesting  next elections; we are in a struggle and in every struggle there are counter-revolutionaries,”  said Sibanda.

“As war veterans we are watching that draft constitutional making process closely and we also are waiting patiently to see what it comes out with,” added Sibanda.

Sibanda  once led the Zanu PF’s “One Million March”, in support  for Mugabe ahead of the March 2008 presidential election.

Last year at Zanu (PF) annual conference in Bulawayo he labeled some senior party who were quoted in Wiki-Leaks website as worse than dogs.

Zanu (PF) is currently at loggerheads with Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) after a clause which could block Mugabe from contesting next elections was included in the first constitutional draft.

The clause that has got Mugabe and his loyalists running scared reads: “A person is disqualified for election as President if he or she has already held office for one or more periods, whether continuous or not, amounting to 10 years.”

If adopted, the clause would block Mugabe, who turns 88 tomorrow, (Tuesday) and has ruled the country since independence in 1980, from running again.

COPAC  is a parliamentary body driving the crafting of a new constitution, viewed as a critical foundation to credible elections after the disputed 2008 presidential poll run.