Mugabe Now Mad – Mavhaire

Mashava – Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) senior party member Dzikamai Mavhaire last Saturday begged God to have mercy on Zimbabwe and help the people to give “insane” Zanu-PF President Robert Mugabe a rest.

Speaking at a mobilisation rally to drum up support for ZimPF prospective legislator for Masvingo West, Korowa Manyame, at Disso Mine, Mavhaire ridiculed Mugabe saying he is old and insane and cannot lead a country.

“When I told them that the old man is crazy, they nailed us to the cross.

“He calls himself a champion of war but Joice Mujuru went to war in 1972 before Mugabe in 1976. 

“Who can you talk of? Kasukuwere was born in a keep when the war was almost over. 

“People First already has the support of the police and security agents who are also tired of the sick Mugabe-led government,” Mavhaire said.

Mavhaire continuously launched a barrage of attacks on the nonagenarian president, saying his skin now looks like that of an elephant, a condition he said makes Mugabe unfit to remain President.

“Mugabe is old, sick and should rest. He cannot sit for only two minutes without dozing off. 

“Nyangwe ukabata ganda rake unonzwa kuti rava renzou. He is 92 years old, God help us ngaachizorora (he should rest),” said Mavhaire.

Speaking at the same occasion, former Mwenezi East legislator, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, showered praises on the ZimPF leadership saying they were God-chosen.

“People First leaders were chosen by God, they know the corrupt system of Zanu-PF inside and out so they are preparing to form a better government in 2018,” Bhasikiti said.

Bhasikiti also attacked Zanu-PF for shielding corrupt ministers from the arm of the law.

 “They sit in their politburo meetings protecting their corrupt leaders from being arrested because they know all Zanu-PF members will be arrested,” he added.

Zanu-PF is in the middle of a storm after Higher and Tertiary Education Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, and his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa were accused of embezzling almost half a million US dollars from Zimdef.

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and Dzikamai Mavhaire were kicked out of Zanu-PF for allegedly plotting against the leadership of Robert Mugabe and they are now members of the Joice Mujuru-led ZimPF.

The Mashava rally was also used to present a united front between Mavhaire and Rtd Col Claudius Makova after months of faction-driven bickering.

Asked how they had managed to bury the hatchet, Rtd Col Makova, whose provincial chairmanship of the party Mavhaire had disputed, could only say everybody was now happy.

“I can’t disclose a lot on now but all I can say is we are all happy,” Makova said. 

Mavhaire also acknowledged that the relationship was now cordial but refused to comment further.