Mugabe Off To Singapore For Suspected Health Reasons

Informed government sources disclosed that the octogenarian leader flew out of the country to Singapore on Friday evening accompanied by his wife Grace although the motive of Mugabe’s visit to Singapore was not yet clear.

Mugabe is scheduled to return back home on Sunday. The trip to the Asian country is his ninth this year.

Last month Mugabe travelled to Singapore but upon his return he could not confirm whether he had sought medical treatment.

Speculation is growing around the 87-year-old leader’s health. Early this year, Mugabe’s spokesperson disclosed that he had visited Singapore for a cataract operation.

But the Zanu-PF leader frequently denies rumours about his ill-health. Last month upon his return from Singapore, Mugabe told a journalist from the state-run media at the Harare International Airport that he
was “fit” when asked his heath status.

One of his lieutenants and personal banker, Gideon Gono, the central bank Governor allegedly told American diplomats that Mugabe “was out of it” 75 percent of the time.