Mugabe Photo on Mzembi FB Wall Sparks Nusty Comments

Although some of the friends praised Mugabe for being at the helm of Zimbabwe since Independence – most of the people on Mzembi’s largest social network page rebuked each other over the picture. Some of them ended up trading insults while others wished Mugabe dead.

Even if Mzembi did not put his comment on the photo, a chain of people said his boss should have long gone to his rural home in Zvimba.

Popular comments from the attacking side were ‘type iyi yakufanirwa kunge iri kumba ichiudza zvizukuru ngano nezvimwewo zvakadaro (People of this age should be at home telling folktales to his grandchildren),… where is your walking stick… you must retire now’ among others.

Another Facebook user reminded Mugabe that he must not plan to kill his second son (15) for expressing his ambition to become Zimbabwean President.

Facebook is slowly becoming the most comfortable platform to engage in political debates in Zimbabwe because many people are resorting to using pseudo names.