Mugabe Portraits On Sale At Juru Growth Point

A vendor selling the President’s portraits here on the outskirts of Harare said they were selling like hot cakes. Unframed portraits are going for US$5 per portrait while the framed ones cost as much as US$15.

“This is both an image building of our leader and fund raising for the party. But we are not forcing anyone to buy these images. All we are saying is that people should support our party through buying the portraits,” said a youth interviewed by a Radio VOP reporter who had visited the area.

However, while people are not being forced to buy the portraits some revellers feared people may later be coerced to buy them just like in the past when they had been forced to buy Zanu (PF) membership cards.

However, South African Foreign Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane said Pretoria expects the power-sharing pact, known as the global political agreement (GPA), to be fully in place with a new constitution approved by referendum before new elections.