Mugabe Rules Out Uprising In Zimbabwe

Speaking during the launch of the Unki Tongogara Community share trust scheme here in Shurugwi at Unki Mine, President Robert Mugabe said he was certain that the uprising that happened in North Africa will not replicate in Southern Africa.

He said the most that Southern Africans could do was coup d’etat as Southern African people can never be influenced to rise against their leaders.

This year witnessed a wave of uprisings in North African countries that’s saw some larger than life figures being toppled in countries  like Libya, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and Egypt.
Mugabe said that what was experienced in North Africa could only happen in an Arab state.

“What happened in North Africa is only peculiar to Arabs and cannot occur in Southern African countries. It can only be the Arabs that are told to violently remove their leaders and they just follow without questioning” added Mugabe.

Mugabe also blamed his usual enemies for the Arab spring that saw his close friend Muammar Gaddafi being toppled and assassinated.
“You cannot listen to these Westerners who come up with these stupid ideas and say you rise up against your leaders and you do it because your leaders are part of you. You will have to think hard about it and we should refuse to be violators of that which binds us together,” the president said

Political analyst Tawanda Manenji said while it is true that the people in Southern Africa and especially Zimbabwe were peace loving people it could be dangerous to rule out the possibility of uprisings.

 “ We realize that while Zimbabweans have so far remained calm even at the most difficult and trying times, the President should not take Zimbabweans for granted, especially now at a time political leaders are calling for peace in the country but you have heard victims of political violence vowing to fight back if ever they are attacked and shows that if pressed to hard against a wall the peace loving people may become violent.”

Unki transferred 10% of its shares to the community in the first step towards complying with the Indiginisation and Empowerment Act which states that 51% of all foreign owned companies operating in Zimbabwe should be in the hands of the locals. Unki Mine is owned by Anglo America

However speaking at the function, controversial Minister Saviour Kasukuwere warned Anglo-American Chairman July Ndlovu that the transfer of the 10% community ownership scheme was just the starting point as they would again force the company to give some of the shares to the employees.

“Unki this is just the beginning. We will be back again to discuss how much you will give to the employees who toil so hard during their working days and languish in poverty after retirement. “