Mugabe says committed to fulfilling outstanding GPA issues

“During the course of 2010, the Global Political Agreement, with missed targets here and there and outright misunderstandings sometimes
on other matters, continues to be implemented nevertheless by and large,” Mugabe said in a long keynote address to thousands of
Zimbabweans who witnessed this year’s annual independence day festivities at the National Sports Stadium monday afternoon.

“In its various facets, it (GPA) laid the firm foundation for the prevailing political and macro economic stability in the country. I am
happy to report that the GPA principals will continue to do their best to give this country our country the politicial and socio economic
direction it needs to take.”

Mugabe was once again not in the usual company of his ailing wife Grace while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, his deputy Arthur
Mutambara and a handful of MDC-T officials were also part of the proceedings.

In a complete departure from vitriolic he poured on fellow SADC leaders over a fortnight ago, Mugabe thanked the regional bloc for
committing itself towards helping Zimbabwean resolve their differences.

“We are also grateful for SADC’s continued support in our efforts to ensuring the unfolding implementation of the Global Political

Mugabe said peace would prevail during the run-up to Zimbabwe’s next elections and urged Zimbabwe’s national healing organ to extend its
responsibilities into becoming a “watchdog of peace”.

The veteran leader, who spoke in a slow cajoling tone, repeatedly appealed for peace among Zimbabweans.

There was an unusually tight security in and around the stadium where almost a dozen security personnel were deployed just to check on the
movements of journalists only while an army dog kept coming repeatedly to sniff at journalists’ bags.

Pro-Mugabe songs blared continuously from the public address system while a handful Zanu PF supporters screamed Mugabe’s name from the

Leader of the smaller faction of MDC, Professor Welshman and his flock followed through on earlier threats to boycott the festivities this
week in protest over the arrest and incarceration of party deputy secretary general and national healing Co-Minister Moses Mzila Ndlovu
on Friday.