Mugabe Says Divisions Rocking Zanu (PF)

Speaking at the national Heroes Acre where former liberation fighters are buried to commemorate the Heroes Day, Mugabe in his address said his party was now split by divisions.

He appealed to the several factions to unite.

“Zanla and Zipra, the guerilla fighters now torn apart.This group belongs to so and so. That group on its own and yet that other group. But you are bound together by the struggle you fought, you are bound together by the commitment that you have to the nation,” Mugabe said in his address.

“Look at your history and then examine where you are now. I appeal to you talk together sit down and discuss your differences.We want to deal with you together. We don’t want to deal with groups.”

Zanu (PF), which was formed in 1987 after the unity accord by the Zimbabwe African National Unity (Zanu) and the Joshua Nkomo led Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (Zipra) is now marred by divisions which are led by the Defence minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa and retired army general Solomon Mujuru.

Mugabe told the gathering, which included Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, senior government officials and service chiefs that the European Union was not sincere in resolving relations with Harare.

“Recently we have sought to re-engage the European Union on the issue of the evil sanctions that are hurting our people.But no sooner had we started the re-engagement then we realised that the European Union is far from being sincere, as the block keeps on shifting goal posts,” Mugabe said.

“The European Union and America are keen to have our people to continue suffering under evil sanctions.I appeal to all political parties to unite and speak with one voice. we must speak with one loud voice that sanctions must go.”

Mugabe also said that the process of national healing and reconciliation is not to punish the perpepetrators of violence.

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Tsvangirai has said perpetrators of violence must be brought to book.

“For the sake of our children and posterity, I want to urge all of you to note that the process of reconcilliation is national.It does not seek to ferret out supposed criminals for punishment but rather calls on all of us to avoid the deadly snare of political conflict,” Mugabe said.