Mugabe Says He Will Not Extend Life Of Inclusive Government

Mugabe told Zanu PF youths at the Zanu PF headquarters Thursday that he wants the constitution making process speeded up so that it would be concluded  before February next year.

A referendum will then be held.

Fresh elections to choose a new government will be held thereafter.  Observers say the political environment was not conducive for a free and fair election to be held.

They point at the violence that marred the constitution –making outreach meetings as an indication that the country is not ready for a free and fair poll.

Mugabe said he was disappointed by the MDC formations because they believed white people provided solutions to problems facing Zimbabwe.

“There are those who believe that without whites something is missing,” Mugabe said. He berated the MDC-T for writing to the European Union informing the block that ambassador appointed without consultations with other Global Political Agreement (GPA) principals should not be recognized.

Mugabe said as Africans Zimbabweans should look at other Africans instead of Europeans for solutions to any problems that may arise.

“It was intended that we sit down on our own. From Sadc, to Africa, not to go to Europeans. After all they are the ones that brought sanctions to us,” he said.

Mugabe told journalists after meeting the youths that complaints by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai that he unilaterally appointed governors and other key individuals in violation of the GPA were “nonsense”.

Tsvangirai has said he will recognise all office bearers appointed without consultations.

But Mugabe said the appointments were done in line with the country’s constitution.