Mugabe Says MDC Slogan Of Change Has Lost Meaning

Mugabe who was addressing party supporters at Chamisa Primary School in Gutu where he had visited his uncle, Chief Gutu, also known as Kasirai Masanganise said: “We took the MDC aboard in government and asked their policies, and they said ‘Chinja’ (Change). Unochinjei usingakwanisi kuchinja ganda rako. (What do you change if you cannot change the colour of your skin?) Mugabe said.

Mugabe added; “All the MDC wants is just a change. Ukavati nyika ndeyedu iZimbabwe.Vanongoti Chinja. (If you say to them this is our country, they just shout ‘Change’. Tikati tinoda kuti vanhu vedu vatore masimba, vanongoti Chinja. (If we say we want to transfer power to our people, they just shout ‘Change’.) Tikati tinoda kutora mabhizimusi, vanongoti, Chinja. (If we say we want to claim our wealth they just say ‘Change’) Tochinja chere nemukadzi here anenge achishanda nesimba? (Should we change even a hard working wife?). Zvose zvose Chinja nekungoda kuchinja?. (Everything is change,change for the sake of change). That is what is making them lose support,” he said to the applause of his supporters.

Meanwhile the hungry villagers dressed down Zanu (PF) youth and accused Mugabe of taking them for granted after waiting for his address for more than four hours.

Thousands of villagers were forced to come and listen to Mugabe’s address after his meeting with Chief Gutu.

Mugabe came aboard a Zimbabwe Republic Police chopper which landed at the soccer pitch of Chamisa Primary School. He addressed the villagers despite that Education minister David Coltart said he had banned schools to be used as political rally venues.

On his arrival Mugabe preceded to the chief’s homestead, where he feasted, leaving the crowd hungry at the primary school.

Mugabe only turned up to address the hungry crowd after four hours.

The bored villagers, who were commandeered to sit in the heat by the party’s overzealous youth militia, refused to chant Zanu (PF) slogans before Mugabe’s arrival. Some of the villagers were bussed as early as 6am.

Mugabe donated 60 tonnes of seed and 60 tonnes of fertilizer.

“We have been here as early as 7 am after we were told that everyone must go. We were actually rounded up. We have been sitting in the sun and waiting on empty stomachs. Mugabe has grown arrogant. The country is bigger than an individual,” said an elderly citizen.

The meeting was also attended by children. Other traditional leaders in the area where also left in the cold and were made to wait for hours.

When Mugabe finally pitched up to address the crowd, he told them he was on a private visit to his uncle, Chief Gutu who he installed as chief this year.