Mugabe Says No Going Back on Companies Takeover

Mugabe was speaking at the burial of the late Harare provincial governor, David Karimanzira at the Heroes Acre, an event that was snubbed by Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) officials.The 87- year- old leader said Zimbabwe will not back down on its plans to seize white owned companies. He gave examples that people thought his government were joking when they took over the white owned farms in the year 2000.

 ” Those whites who want to be with us. Those outsiders who want to work with us fine, it is okay but they come in as partners we are the senior partner no more the junior partner, ” Mugabe said.

 ” We are taking over.Britain and America listen, this is our country. If you have companies which would want to work in our mining sector they are welcome to come and join us, but our people must be the major shareholders. Lonhro, Anglo American, Rio Tinto must transform and become Zimbabwean, we want black people, our people, our young people. It’s another dimension to the struggle. “

 Mugabe told the crowd made up mostly of his party members.Mugabe laughed off accusations that he is riled by the West and other African countries for lashing out at the his perceived enemies, Britain and United States of America. He said he has the right to tell the West ‘ to go to hell. ‘
Last week Mugabe blamed what he called  ‘ bloody vampires ‘ Western countries for attacking Libya where his compatriot is fighting to stay in power as rebels continue their advance into his strongholds.