Mugabe Says Will Never Give In To War Vets

By Staff Reporter

Harare, April 03, 2016 – PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has raised the stakes ahead of a tense meeting he is set to have with war veterans on Thursday telling party followers he will allow pander to the whims of the former fighters.

Mugabe told party supporters as he returned from a state visit to Japan on Saturday that unnecessarily vocal war veterans risked being expelled from the party if they continued with their behaviour.

“We will not play subordinate to an association. Never, ever. We will not accept that,” Mugabe said.

War veterans have in the past few weeks lost patience with the First Family after President Mugabe’s wife, Grace and her Generation 40 backers have allegedly made disparaging remarks about them.

G40 comprises a small group of younger and ambitious party politicians fronting a fierce campaign for Zanu PF control at the expense of the so-called Team Lacoste led by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe has further infuriated his once loyal defenders by firing war veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa whom he accused of creating the current standoff between ex-combatants and his leadership.

War veterans want Mugabe to stamp his authority and rein in his wife and her backers who they accuse of sowing divisions within the beleagured party.

The ex-combatants are also said to be demanding $18 000 each for liberating the country.

Mugabe has further alleged war veterans want him out of his job, at one time declaring he could not abandon his job in the middle of his tenure.


He said he was going to have none of the demands insisting the war veterans were a simple association affiliated to Zanu PF and should not misconstrue that to mean they were now above the party.