Mugabe Signals Mujuru End As VP Bunks Off Congress Opening Ceremony

President Robert Mugabe has signalled the end of Vice President Joice Mujuru’s political career, saying time has come for Zanu PF to spit her out.
Officially opening the 6th Zanu (PF) National People’s Congress in Harare Thursday, President Mugabe said Dr Mujuru failed to appreciate and productively utilise the time she has been Vice President of the country, but chose self enrichment through corruption and even sided with opposition parties that are bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle.


He said he never thought that a true cadre of the revolution would decay to that level, adding that she deserves to suffer the same fate of the MDC formations, which were rejected by the people in last year’s general elections.

“What boggles the mind is why anyone claiming to be a cadre, cooked in the crucible of struggle, would hobnob with such politics. Why? Why? Why? We raised you in the struggle, grant you leadership, build your stature, impart consequence to your person, often against your intrinsic worth. Instead of recognising all these efforts, you turn against the party and President! Today the people reject you, spit you out, push you into the arms of the very opposition you sided with,” said President Mugabe.
“I never thought a true cadre of the revolution would decay to that level. When you desert your own comrades, desert the ideals of your revolution, abandon principles that mobilised you for the struggle, commit the infamy of joining quislings, you suffer the fate of quislings. The people reject you,” he added.
On corruption, Mugabe said political leaders are elected for the benefit of the nation and not to personally benefit from the country’s resources.
He added that once evidence has been fully gathered, all who have flouted the country’s laws regardless of their political position will be tried according to the provisions of Zimbabwe’s constitution.
He said whoever is fingered in corrupt activities whether they are a minister, deputy minister or a civil servant will lose their position.
Vice President Mujuru has of late been under fire for alleged corruption activities, among them the Chickengate and the 10 percent scandals.
She also stands accused of leading a faction that plotted to unseat President Mugabe, and in her ranks are the likes of Didymus Mutasa, Ray Kaukonde,Dzikamai Mavhaire, Rugare Gumbo and Nicholas Goche.
All of them did not attend the congress opening.
President Mugabe said after this congress that will flash out all unruly elements in the party, among them coup plotters, the focus is on the rebuilding of Zimbabwe after years of battling imperialism and sanctions.
“We are beginning to take back our place in the world, emerging as a tried and tested nation which brooks no interference. We have earned our place in the global affairs, against insuperable odds. We can only move forward in strength,” he said.
The President said rebuilding the country entails the implementation of the ZIMASSET economic blueprint, whose vision is ‘towards an empowered society and a growing economy.’