Mugabe Silent On Freezing Gaddafi Assets

Gaddafi who helped train guerrillas from different African countries and organisations including Zimbabwe,s Zanu (PF) and Zapu in the 70s is under siege from his own people who have taken up arms to oust him from power.But Gaddafi,s well trained and armed forces from his own ethnic group enjoyed air superiority against the poorly trained civilian army assisted by a few army defectors.

The tide in the fighting turned when a UN Security Council  resolution empowered Western countries to effect a no-fly zone to prevent Libyan airforce from bombing civilian and rebel targets.highly placed sources in the Harare government say it wont be easy for President Robert Mugabe to abandon his long time liberation friends like Gaddafi to please the West.

  “ You know very well Mugabe still refuses to hand over former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam to authorities in that country to face trial for crimes against humanity.Nothing will make him change his stance now with Gaddafi , ” a source told Radio Vop from Harare.Mugabe has described Western leaders and Nato coalition forces enforcing a no-fly zone in Libya as ‘ Vampires ’ after Gaddafi,s oil.Reports from Harare say the authorities especially leaders of the powerful Zanu (PF) party are keen to sign joint ventures with Gaddafi,s son Saadi who visited the country recently for business opportunities.

Export figures from Zimtrade, Zimbabwe exported only $390 000 worth of goods to Libya between 2005 and 2009.One of Libya,s banks owns 96.6 million shares at Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe Holdings.Early this month President Jacob Zuma ordered the Treasury to freeze assets linked to Gaddafi and his associates.The South African Local daily Business Day said the money is invested through the $5-billion Libya Arab Africa Investment Co (Laaico), through Libya Oil Holdings, Libya African Investment Portfolio and Libyan Foreign Investment Company (Lafico).

In South Africa, it owns Ensemble Hotel holdings, including the luxury Michelangelo Hotel in Johannesburg.Libya holds billions of dollars in assets in Africa through subsidiaries of its $70-billion sovereign wealth fund.The South African presidency said Gaddafi called Zuma “to explain his side of the story”.