Mugabe Slams Child Rapists, Land Barons,Greedy Bosses

Harare, September 15, 2015-President Robert Mugabe has urged Zimbabweans to live together in harmony and to respect the sanctity of life.
Addressing a luncheon in the city following the official opening of the 3rd session of the 8th Parliament today, the President said the government will soon come up with ways of stopping child rapes and marriages.

The President Mugabe said he wants to protect women and children and that men must take care not to violate the rights of women and the girl child.

“Do not rape children,” he said, adding, “let us respect our culture. We should heed instruction from our chiefs and government.”

President Mugabe also spoke strongly against land barons and the hefty packages that some company bosses are awarding themselves at the expense of the ordinary worker.

“Baron, barons, barons. Don’t steal people’s land and money. Do to others what you want them to do to u. Do not steal and corruption is brutal to the nation,” he said.

He added, “Top management posts – you peg hefty salaries, which l as the President can’t even ask for,” he chided.

“We are saying no to that. That is greed.”

President Mugabe called for the people of Zimbabwe to “straighten our ways of treating each other fairly.”

“If you don’t have charity you are like an empty brass. I must say the majority of our people are good people. But a number of thieves are rising. Even God had to chase Satan out of heaven. We also have devils amongst us. Respect one another, regardless of gender, background or status.”

The President said people should continue to work hard in agriculture and industrial revival to encourage free trade.

He also called for the rationalization and organisation of vendors so that they become well-to-do entrepreneurs