Mugabe Stop Dishing Our Wealth To Foreigners: Zapu VP

Addressing a rally in Gwanda South, at Imbizo, Mukaratirwa said Mugabe was distributing Zimbabwe’s wealth to foreigners and his friends at the expense of unemployed youths.
“Honestly, citizens of the land are living in abject poverty yet Mugabe is busy donating our wealth to his family and friends while the rest of the country is silent about it.

“When his fellow Chinese nationals come to Zimbabwe they must follow the investment procedures like any other investors. He (Mugabe) must stop behaving like a king and running Zimbabwe like his family,” said Mukaratirwa.

She bemoaned the state of the environment in Gwanda, saying government was silent about the water and drought crisis, which has been faced by the people in Matabeleland region for the past 32 years.

“The people in this area and other parts of this country were displaced during the colonial era but to date the government has done absolutely nothing to compensate them. They (Zanu PF) are busy diverting all the revenue generated from the minerals mined across the country to their own use and to fund Zanu (PF) led projects to buy votes,” added Mukaratirwa.

Addressing the same gathering, Zapu national organising secretary, Simon Nhamo, said that his party would contest the 2013 elections.

“Zapu would field in local residents and not telephone candidates for the next election. People are tired of new promises everyday dating back to pre-independence,” said Nhamo.

“Children should not be used as ladders and screw drivers, people should be free to make their own choices. If you are forced to attend rallies of other parties please go don’t refuse to attend and if you are forced to shout slogans please do so, if you are given food hampers or clothes, please take in order to avoid violence,” said Nhamo.

Meanwhile Zapu Matabeleland South Information and Publicity officer, Soneni Dube, said Zimbabwe continued to be the basket case of the region.

He also accused Zanu (PF) of vote buying saying the party’s legislators were the only ones dishing out food handouts using funds from national coffers.