Mugabe Tells MDC ,Hands Off Service Chiefs

“As Commander-in Chief of the security forces, I want to make it very clear that no one should meddle with the command and Parliament cannot be the commander in chief of the security forces. Never at all,” Mugabe told a Zanu (PF) Central Committee meeting on Friday.
Mugabe said this in apparent reference to the MDC-T whose parliamentarians this week approached the House seeking a resolution that compels the country’s powerful commanders to stop meddling in the country’s political affairs.
MDC-T’s Mbizo legislator Settlement Chikwinya, mover of the motion, said the continued interference in the country’s political affairs and threats by the security commanders on party leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai was both “unconstitutional and treasonous”.
The MDC-T wants the security organs of the State to confine their operations to the business of enforcing the country’s laws and defending the country.
But Mugabe, frothing at the mouth, said the MDC-T was less qualified to lecture the security chiefs on how to behave.
“Very few of our politicians today can dispense to these fine men and women any lessons on freedom and democracy. We don’t want to teach them about freedom and democracy. They fought for it. It’s their product,” Mugabe said to loud cheers from party loyalists.
He added, “Teach the lesson on freedom and democracy to persons who liberated them when they were on the other side, even refusing to participate in the struggle for liberation and today they want to say the security forces are not supporting them. They won’t support the because of their past.
“Who are you as you stand there? Your character, your own nature, your own beliefs. All these are judged by what you were yesterday and what you still are today.
“How can those who wine and dine with the enemy. We see them going to Europe, the Europeans who imposed sanctions on us and they will come and in broad daylight, ask that the security forces will respect you.Are they fools? They are not idiots. Change your ways, ngavachinje.”
Mugabe’s defiant stance on the partisan conduct of the country’s security commanders put pays to hopes by both factions of MDC the country’s powerful commanders will allow civilian authority to dictate the running of the country and allow a smooth change of administration should Zanu (PF) lose a future poll.
The security commanders are seen as the real power behind the Mugabe fronted regime.