Mugabe Threatens Mine Invasions

Addressing thousands of people mainly his supporters drawn from adjacent resettlement areas at the launch of the Gwanda Community Share Ownership Trust Scheme, Mugabe said companies that do not comply should either shape up or ship out.

Matabeleland South Governor Angeline Masuku told Mugabe that Vumbachikwe Mine was defying the black empowerment programme.

“Join us in our terms, join us today because tomorrow you might find yourself out of the country”, said Mugabe to a cheering crowd.

Mugabe blamed Zimbabwe’s former colonial master Britain for plundering the country’s wealth.

“The future generation will blame us for letting the colonizers all the wealth, when I said Blair keep your Britain and we keep our Zimbabwe, I meant that we keep our land and minerals. If they do not comply with the 51/49 percent now, they will walk away with nothing tomorrow”, said President Mugabe in an hour long speech.

Meanwhile a tense atmosphere preceded Mugabe’s arrival with heavily armed soldiers and police officers conducting thorough body searches.