Mugabe Tightens Security

Analysts in the town told Radio VOP that President Robert Mugabe seemed to be getting paranoid with each tick on his biological clock.

Political commentator Ray Muzenda, the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) executive member who is also the provincial chair of the Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR), said Mugabe’s boost on his security is an admission that he is no longer liked by the people of Zimbabwe.

“This is an acknowledgement that he knows that he is not liked and may get assassinated. Why should he overprotect himself to such an extent?”

He said Nelslon Mandela, a great stateman did not have bodyguards on him always and Mugabe needed to learn from that.

The tightening of his personal security was gobbling a lot of taxpayer’s money.The cars which were part of the motorcade comprised latest makes of Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan Twin Cabs, Mazdas, among others and covered a stretch of two kilometres from Robert Mugabe way up to the Masvingo Polytechnic College.

Mugabe was in Masvingo for the fourth graduation ceremony of the Great Zimbabwe Universtiy where he capped 1 028 graduands,.

The President had flown to the town and was whisked away soon after landing at the dilapidated Masvingo Airport.

His advance team of security aides and agents from the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) had been booked in most of the Town’s hotels where they were seen drinking and dining in the accompany of women.

The Army and police vehicles were also causing a commotion in the usually sleepy town, one of the oldest in the country.