Mugabe Vows Never To Swear In Bennet

According to the Sunday Mail, Mugabe made the remarks at his ZANU (PF) party conference in Mutare yesterday.Mugabe lambasted the MDC-T  for its comments that no elections would be held until Bennet was sworn in as deputy minister.

“Look at how they worked with the settlers who destroyed us, turning us into semi-slaves,” he said.The MDC-T are shedding tears over Bennett because he has not been sworn in. I cannot swear him in, some things are just not possible.”
He said Zanu-PF had sound policies, which cannot be duplicated by the MDC-T, adding that although the party was aligning with neo-colonialists to destabilise the country, Zimbabweans would work with friendly nations.He said Government would also block investment from countries that imposed illegal economic sanctions on Zimbabwe. It will not be like what it was yesterday, he said.

“Zimbabweans can help build our country. We will only align with those that want to give us their hand,” he said. “Those who give us their backs and bring sanctions we will kick out.”
“Countries without co-operation with us and which have not recognised the hospitality we have extended to them must not sit on their laurels thinking that yesterday will be tomorrow,” he said.

Mugabe said the same principle would also apply to financial institutions closely linked to hostile countries.
He singled out mining concerns Rio Tinto and Anglo-American among the companies that will cease operations if they fail to push their principals to remove sanctions.
Bennet, who has been forced back into exile due to pending order for his arrest, was elected senator by black Zimbabweans in his Chimanimani constituency.A successful commercial farmer, he became so popular with the local black people that they called him ‘ Pachedu ’ A Shona word which means one of us.In May this year he was acquitted of charges of conspiring to overthrow President Mugabe.