Mugabe Warns Tsvangirai Not To Trip Over Step

Harare – President Robert Mugabe, whose red-carpet stumbles are well known, warned his main opponent Morgan Tsvangirai to be careful not to trip on a step at a plush hotel in Harare recently, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The ageing Zimbabwe leader tripped twice in public last year, sparking a slew of internet memes.

Mugabe, 92, appears to have attempted to stop his former prime minister and bitter rival suffering a similar indignity, according to a report in the privately owned Standard.

The newspaper quoted Tsvangirai as saying: “This other day I was with Mugabe at [Rainbow Towers Hotel] and he said to me, ‘Tsvangirai will you please watch out this step’.”

“You will fall down if you are not careful,” Tsvangirai quoted Mugabe as saying. It is not clear what event the two were attending.

There has been debate on social media in Zimbabwe this week over whether the hilarity occasioned by the #MugabeFalls hashtag in January 2015 was actually a form of internet bullying.

Tsvangirai, speaking at a rally on Saturday, said Mugabe “wants to die in power”, the Standard reported.

The Movement for Democratic Change leader turned 64 10 days ago. He was photographed sharing a birthday cake with his wife Elizabeth Macheka.