Mugabe Will Never Die: Chivaura

Addressing traditional chiefs on Friday in Bulawayo at their Annual Conference Chivaura said Mugabe is a (svikiro) spirit medium just like Mbuya Nehanda and Chaminuka and will never die.

“The President is a svikiro (spirit medium) which will never die. He might die physical but his spirit will remain with us just like Mbuya Nehanda and Chamunika. We will continue fighting the British and other imperialists using his spirit,” said Chivaura who is also an anchor on ZBCTV program Zimbabwe together with Tafataona Mahoso.

Chivaura added: “So as traditional chiefs you should support this great man because he will always be in us. Many youngsters are now admiring him and they want to be like him.”

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since independence from Britain in 1980 and his critics say the88-year-old leader who is in the twilight of his political career plans to die in office.

During the Zanu(PF) December 2011 annual conference the party endorses him as its candidate in next elections with party chairman, Simon Khaya-Moyo declaring the party presidential post a no-go area.

Recently Mugabe’s main opponent Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai thanked Zanu (PF) for endorsing the 88 year- old as its candidate for general elections expected this year or in 2013 saying he will be a “walkover.”

Mugabe and his government embarked on a controversial fast-track land reform program in 2000intended to correct the inequitable land distribution created by colonial rule. Several commercial white farmers were killed during the land invasions.

In 2002, the European Union (EU) , United States,  Britain, Switzerland , Australia and New Zealand  imposed targeted sanctions on Mugabe and his top military, ruling and business associates as punishment for allegedly stealing elections, perpetuating human rights violations and failure to uphold the rule of law.

Mugabe denies the charges and instead says the EU and its western allies imposed the sanctions in a bid to weaken him and eventually cause his ouster from power as punishment for seizing land from white farmers.