Mugabe's Kalanga Myth Busted

By Sij Ncube

President Robert Mugabe’s myth that Kalangas are the least educated citizens with a penchant of committing petty crimes in neighbouring South Africa has been busted after a snap survey revealed Friday most of them occupy prominent positions in academia, business, industry and governments in and around the world.

The survey carried out by Radio VOP this week also indicates most of the Kalangas holding lofty position in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australian, the United States of America and Canada, attended missionary schools such as Cyrene, Mpandeni,Thekwane, Embakwe, Minda, St Bernard’s High School while a few went to elitist schools in the big cities.

A number also attended Mzingwane and Mpopoma High schools.     

Sifiso Malunga, the son of the late outspoken Zimbabwe legislator Sydney Malunga, is South Africa’s Deputy Public Protector while a brother Siphosami who worked for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is now executive director of the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA) in Johannesburg.Banker Dr Mthuli Ncube is the chief economist and Vice President of the African Development Bank. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Finance from Cambridge University.

All are Kalangas. 

The list of prominent Kalangas is endless, raising questions why Mugabe uttered such a tribal remarks when he knew his government was packed with well-educated Kalangas such as Zanu (PF) spokesman Makerere University schooled Simon Khaya Moyo, who doubles up as the minister of economic planning and Ray Ndhlukula, the deputy secretary of Mugabe’s cabinet.

Ndhlukula is considered as Mugabe’s top aide with striving commercial farms in Matabeleland South. Russian trained economist Evelyn Ndlovu is the permanent secretary in the Small and Medium enterprises ministry.

In the judiciary there is Luke Malaba who has risen to the rank of Deputy Chief Justice, among other senior officers in the bench.Highly educated Malabas are found in every sector some of the prominent being clergyman and educationist Griffiths Malaba who edited most Ndebele primary school text books in the 1960s and Sam Malaba who heads Agribank.

Other Kalangas that have held prominent posts in Mugabe’s administration include Dr Angeline Kamba, who served as Public Service Commissioner and former Director of National Archives. Dr Kamba, a former chairperson Harare International Festivals of the Arts and wife of late Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe Professor Walter Kamba, was a businesswoman of repute during her prime despite her Kalanga lineage.

In the health sector Kalanga’s speak highly of the genius and achievements Dr Gordon Bango, the former provincial medical director of Matabeleland South and other medical doctors littered in and around Africa with Kalanga origins.

In academia and education sector Kalangas list Dr Ngoni Moyo (Gwanda Joshua Mqabuko University), the late Dr Maclean Bhala (Lupane State university), educationist and former Deputy Minister of Higher Education Lutho Tapela and his son Andrew Tapela, a headmaster and former Highlanders Football Club secretary,  Henderson Tapela Dean at University of Zimbabwe, Professor  Musa Nleya, Dean at university of Botswana.  Dr Lawton Hikwa is another prominent academic based at the National University of Science and Technology(NUST).Researcher Tjenesani Ntungakwa is a prolific columnist on the unpublished history of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle.Political commentator Masola WaDabu Dabu is another prominent Kalanga academic.

Professor Tawana Kupe has risen to be the Pro-Vice Chancellor at South Africa’s Wits University. Kupe is a former Mzingwane High School and University of Zimbabwe student and lecturer in the English department. Even the legendary ANC Treasure General, Thomas Nkobi hailed from BaKalanga so is renowned journalist Saul Gwakuba Ndlovu and Zanu (PF) politician and director of ZIPAM Dr Calistus Dingiswayo Ndlovu, among other prominent politicians.

In the private sector names of Dr Vusi Thondlana, a chemistry engineer in South, Tjiyapo Velempini at Zimra head office in Harare, Thembelani Ncube, Hwange Colliery Company secretary Xolani Moyo director at Zimsa Transportation Pty Ltd, Lingani Pholi, human resources director at Michel Angelo and Dr Shepherd Maphisa Rand Group of hospitals owner crop up.Sibusisiwe Bango is behind the success of Empretec which has nurtured many promineny business people. 

According to MDC leader, Professor Welshman Ncube, anyone who denigrates another person based on language, tribe, ethnicity, income status, social class or religion exhibits overt genocidal tendencies.

“Tribal bashing is a preserve of stone-age minds; a reversal of modern development economics that promotes human dignity, shared values and respect of one another. Every language, every tribe and every ethnic group is of Divine providence. Any man who has enough courage to denigrate God’s work is on a trajectory of self-immolation.

“Kalangas not only in Zimbabwe but also in Botswana and South Africa have contributed immensely to the region’s academic, artistic, cultural and industrial excellence. To judge moral and social behaviour – as in you are a criminal – based on one’s tribe or language is to fall into the irretrievable abyss of genocidal insanity.”