Mugabe's Security Man Critically Injured In Motorcade Acccident

The motorist is likely to be charged with negligent driving as he did not give way to the Presidential motorcade. President Mugabe was on his way to his Borrowdale mansion when the accident occurred.

The rider is part of the Presidential Guard.

The motorist was driving from Sam Levy Village near Domboshawa Road and the robot indicated that he had the right way but did not give way to the Presidential motorcade. A Radio VOP correspondent witnessed the accident as the out-rider who led the motorcade rammed into the truck before swerving into a nearby ditch.

The Presidential Motorcade which has an ambulance in the convoy of about six cars did not stop to assist the Zimbabwe Republic Police rider who lay sprawled on the ground. He was later attended to a few minutes and is reportedly in a critical conditon.

The out-rider with a siren leads the way clearing the road giving ZIM 1 (President Robert Mugabe’s stretch limousine) a distance of  about 200 metres. The Presidential Motorcade later follows in a diamond formation covering the tarmac with Mugabe’s limousine in between.

On hearing the siren the motorists on the road park their cars by the roadside to give way to the speeding Presidential motorcade. However on Thursday evening a motorist did not give the right way to the motorcade. It could not be established when the motorist would appear in court.

Several motorists have in the past been assaulted by Mugabe’s security men for not giving way to the Presidential motorcade. Some of the riders who led the motorcade have also been killed after some motorists fail to observe the unwritten law of giving way to the Presidential motorcade.

President Mugabe now spends most of his time at his mansion in Borrowdale mansion were he lives with his family. In the past the First Family lived at State House which now normally used for State occasions before he retires to his Borrowdale mansion. President Mugabe’s motorcade has over the years been criticised as a waste of state resources.