Mugabe's son fails exams shows off skills in basketball

Informed sources at St George’s College in Harare where Chatunga is pursuing his Form 1 studies disclosed this week that Chatunga only managed to score 14 points during examinations which he sat for last year at  Hartmann House, the preparatory school for St George’s College, one of the oldest and most expensive private boys’ school in Zimbabwe.

The sources said despite Chatunga’s dismal performance in his Grade 7 examinations the youngest son of the country’s first family has great passion for basketball which he is mastering well and is playing.

“He failed the exams but he is doing well in basketball to the extend that his mother (Grace) is closely following his exploits in basketball,” said the sources.

The sources said Chatunga who is brought to school by bodyguards enjoys lunch prepared from fast food outlet Wimpy, which is brought by the bodyguards
St George’s College, which is a private Catholic boys school based in Harare is recognised as one of the best secondary schools in Africa.

It is arguably the oldest formal school established in Zimbabwe, with its Sister School Dominican Convent High School laying its claim too.

The school, which is located on Hartmann Hill, in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale is built on land that was donated to the Jesuits who have a strong belief and sense of responsibility in community development through education.

The site is next to the official Zimbabwe State House, and the Official President’s House called Zimbabwe House, the home of the President Mugabe.