Mujuru Blasts Mugabe In SA

ZIMBABWE People First leader Joice Mujuru yesterday blasted President Robert Mugabe for allegedly abandoning the ideals of the liberation struggle and becoming another Rhodesian leader in the mould of Ian Smith. 

Mujuru made the remarks while addressing her supporters in Pretoria, South Africa as she spreads her wings into the region.

The former vice-president said Mugabe had departed from the issues that forced young people to leave the country to join the war against the Smith regime.

“We went to war because we thought that by replacing the white racist leaders, we would have a better life. But it seems we only succeeded in removing the white racists but the leadership style has not changed,” Mujuru said.

She said many war veterans were still trying to get answers from the Mugabe regime on what really changed him.

“We are asking those in government what happened to the liberation ideals, like unity of all people in Zimbabwe,” Mujuru said.

She said ZimPF was seeking peaceful ways of removing the Mugabe administration, saying violent confrontation would worsen the sorry economic situation.

“We are trying to negotiate peacefully because since you left [Zimbabwe for SA], no new jobs have been created in Zimbabwe and some of the industries you left open have since closed shop,” Mujuru said.

The former VP explained her unceremonious departure from Zanu PF in 2014.

“I was expelled from Zanu PF because we had differed on what we should be doing as leaders,” she said.

Mujuru also took the opportunity to remind Zimbabweans in the diaspora that they had to be organised and come back to vote in 2018.

“We have to know where you are and how we can assist so that it becomes easy for you to be registered and participate in the next elections,” she said.


The ZimPF leader said Zimbabwe needed a people-centred leadership to overcome its problems and stop further loss of lives as citizens tried to illegally migrate to South Africa. She spoke of the recent mining disaster in Johannesburg where the majority of the casualties were reportedly Zimbabweans engaged in illegal mining.