Mujuru Blasts Zanu PF For 36 Years Of Misrule

By Staff Reporter

Harare, April 18, 2016 – ZIMBABWE People First (ZimPF) leader Joice Mujuru has condemned her erstwhile Zanu PF allies of wreaking the once promising country’s through greed and poor leadership.

Speaking in her first ever Independence Day statement as an opposition leader, the country’s former Vice President blasted Zanu PF led by President Robert Mugabe for turning the country’s youths into “killing machines” while shielding them from prosecution through manipulating justice delivery systems.

“We witness the demise of genuine democratic values and freedoms,” Mujuru said.

“Indeed, a culture of political intolerance and state sponsored violence is the order of the day. The scales of justice are tilted in favour of supporters of the ruling Zanu PF.

“…In many cases, the law enforcement agencies turn a blind eye to acts of violence by Zanu PF youths.

“Those who end up in the courts receive very light sentences not commensurate with the crimes committed. Judgements are predetermined outside the courts.”

Mujuru warned that justice will soon catch up with politicians who have sponsored tribal and political divisions among citizens for political gain.

“At independence,” she continued, “we inherited a reasonably sound economy. Over the past 36 years, that economy has been run down. Ninety percent of all factories have been forced to shut down due to bad policies and rampant corruption especially in high places.

“The mining sector which showed a lot of promise particularly with the discovery of huge reserves of diamonds has seen the closure of mine after mine.

“The agricultural sector was always regarded as the backbone of our economy. However, bad policies and corruption have devastated this important sector.

“Some bigwigs own huge multiple farms when many of our people remain landless.

“Most of these farms lie idle or are badly administered.”

Mujuru, a veteran politician who fought the war and went on to form President Mugabe’s successive governments, said the country’s health services sector was on its knees due too understaffing and lack of drugs in most public hospitals.

This she said was in sharp contrast with the experiences of the ruling elite who are quick to fly their relatives abroad to receive better medical assistance.


Under the current government, Mujuru also said the country’s roads were in a sorry state while teachers.