Mujuru Exposes Mugabe

“We need unity in the party and respect our leader President Robert Mugabe. We are here for him. When I …visit places like this province our leader always ask me whether we were not here to create some other presidents. He will be concerned to know what will be happening so as your leaders we must not disappoint,” said Mujuru.

“As you know we visit you regularly to the provinces than the President. He takes long to come here and we are always here that’s why he always want to know from us what will be happening,” she said.

Mujuru was addressing Zanu (PF) supporters during the official opening of FABS hardware here.

Her sentiments comes at a time reports of intensified succession battles in Zanu (PF) have increased as the party prepares for its annual conference to be held in Bulawayo soon. The succession battle pits her and rival faction leader Emerson Munangagwa who are preparing themselves to lead the party. Mugabe (87) has been nominated by all provinces to be the party candidate in the forth coming elections expected next year or in 2013.

Mujuru also spoke about political violence and cautioned his supporters and youths to refrain from using force and violence to woe support from the people. She blamed unemployed on youths who resort to political violence.

“Vanhu havachairwi semhuka vanotaurwa navo. We spend most of our time doing things that are useless. Some noise and silly things we do are caused by unemployment and having little to do. Let’s have something to give to the youths,” said Mujuru.

Her comments over violence comes in the wake of increased acts of political violence and disruption of rival parties rallies by youth militias from Zanu (PF) particularly Chipangano in Harare.

Recently MDC rallies in Harare and Chitungwiza have been disrupted by Zanu (PF) youths militias while Chipangano has been accused of beating MDC supporters in Mbare.

In other provinces like Masvingo, Mashonaland east and West, Parliamentary public hearings have been disrupted by Zanu (PF) youths and Vice president Mujuru blamed unemployment for forcing her party youths to engage in violence.