Mujuru Faction Opens Parallel Party Offices In Bikita

Investigations revealed that the Mujuru faction which was always victimised due to their small numbers in the district had to finally open its offices which are serving the same purpose as that one from Mnangagwa-led faction which was opened in the area in 2002.

Reserve bank Governor’s adviser Dr Munyaradzi Kereke’s father Tongai Kereke who is also eying a senatorial seat in the area is the one who is currently in charge of the newly opened office situated at Nyika Motor Sales garage.

Kereke confirmed opening an office at Nyika but refuted to give further details on the facts that led to the split.

 “I opened that office on my personal capacity. We had serious problems with some characters in the DCC who are anti-development. The office is purely there for the development of the party,” said Kereke.

It is allegedly reported that Dr Kereke and gospel musician-cum politician Ellias Musakwa are sponsoring the Mujuru faction in the district and they had since pledged to pay the rentals for the newly opened offices.

Musakwa is already campaigning to be a legislator for Bikita West constituency where he lost by nine votes to the incumbent Heya Shoko in 2008.

Zanu-PF provincial chairman Lovemore Matuke said corrective measures were going to be taken in order to iron out the differences in Bikita.

“The party does not condone such differences and divisions of that magnitude. We are going to attend to that problem as soon as we receive formal complaints from the concerned people in Bikita,” said Matuke.

This is the first time for Zanu-PF to open two parallel offices at the same area in Masvingo province.