Mujuru Family Wants Body Exhumed For Examination

The Cuban forensic pathologist Gabriel Aguero Gonzalez is the third and final state expert witness who examined either the body or the scene of the mysterious fire which gutted the house of the late retired army General who testified Friday and told the court that they failed to establish the cause of both the fire and the death of the deceased.

Early this week Zimbabwe Republic police Director of the Forensic Science laboratory Bethwell Mutandiro, and a South African Police Services Pretoria expert Klogtlakogmang Ariel Lenong, all told the court that they could not establish the root cause of either the fire or death of the deceased

“When we conducted the body examination at 1 Commando Barracks we observed that the trachea of the deceased had some dark mucus symbolising that he had swallowed some gasses. This also confirms that he swallowed these gases well before his death. This observation does not conclusively confirm that he was indeed killed by these gases.

“One of the challenges we encountered was that we could not take a blood sample from the deceased because his body had been badly burnt to the extent of becoming stiff. We also discovered that some important body parts which could have given us results of his death cause were missing as a result of the intense fire,” Cuban pathologist Gabriel Aguero Gonzalez who examined the body of the late retired Army boss Solomon Mujuru told the court Friday in the ongoing inquest into the death of the retired Army Chief.

Cuban pathologist also said they did not have enough laboratory equipment of carrying out the operation when they got to the scene of the sad incident.

 Mujuru family lawyer Thekor Kewada in the court room challenged the Cuban pathologist that by confirming that they did not have adequate equipment they did not thoroughly examine the body of the deceased.

Kewada later told to journalists outside the court room that they were now going to take advantage of failure by state pathologist to establish the cause of his client’s death by applying for the exhumation the body of the deceased for their independent pathologist Reggie Perumel would make a fresh post-mortem, before giving evidence.

“For our pathologist to give practical and credible evidence we strongly believe that an exhumation of the body should be done. An examination should be done properly and thoroughly according to international standards for him not to give theoretical evidence.

Early this week at the inquest’s presiding magistrate Walter Chikwanha put on hold an application by the family of the late Solomon Mujuru which had requested to invite an independent pathologist.

Chikwana who on Monday said was going to consider the application after the testimony of the Cuban pathologist Friday said will make the ruling next week Monday when the inquest resumes.