Mujuru Had Secret Talks With MDC

According to United States embassy cables released on Friday by the whistleblower website Mujuru also asked the MDC to consider giving amnesty to Zanu-PF leaders who were afraid of change because of their criminal past.

The emissary was identified as Goodson Nguni, a well known Zanu-PF activist often used by the public media to attack the MDC.

“According to a senior MDC official, the emissary informed the MDC of the GOZ (government of Zimbabwe) intention to provoke violent confrontations nationwide as a pretext for cracking down on the opposition party and its supporters,” reads part of the cable.

To avoid this bloody scenario, Mujuru urged the MDC to agree to a complete amnesty for current and past GOZ officials and Zanu-PF leaders.

In exchange, the GOZ would discuss forming a coalition government with the opposition.

The US embassy officials saw Mujuru’s offer as a sign of increasing desperation among Zanu-PF stalwarts who see their loss of power as inevitable and wanted to ensure their immunity from prosecution for past misdeeds.

“On the other hand it could be a trap intended to implicate the MDC in a plot to overthrow Mugabe and justify intensification of the crackdown of the MDC,” the cable added.

Mujuru is described in the various cables released on Friday as a reformist who wanted to see the country returning to normalcy so that business can thrive.

Nguni is described as a distant relative of a member of Mugabe’s family who has been a reliable source of information for the MDC on the thinking of senior government leaders.