Mujuru Inquest Results a Mockery: Family Lawyer

“This is a mockery to the whole process to say the least. The magistrate has just run through all the evidence which was given by witnesses and taken what the state pathologist said that the General died of carbonation.

“There is no evidence to show how the fire started and as a result where no better off than from where we started at the beginning and we are not satisfied,” the angry Mujuru family lawyer Theokor Kewada told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview in Harare Friday.

The 38 page judgement which does not have any recommendations concluded that the late retired Army General Solomon Mujuru died of carbonation due to open fire.

Kewada said the judgement has opened yet another debate adding that the exhumation of the body of the late retired Amy Chief is the only way the case is going to be closed.

“At the moment this verdict did not bring closure to the case. It has something which if the general public was having access to it will say we still have doubts. That is my feeling, there is some doubts really.

“If my clients’ application to have the body exhumed succeeds and we bring in our pathologist to re-examine it in the presence of a state pathologist who examined it, the million dollar question is, will we be allowed to exhume the body ?,”Kewada said.

Only the Home Affairs Minister has the powers to grant the exhumation of buried persons in Zimbabwe.

The presiding magistrate Walter Chikwanha during the inquest rejected a request by the Mujuru family – who questioned the findings of state pathologists – for his remains to be exhumed to facilitate independent forensic tests.

General Mujuru was one of the most influential leaders in Zimbabwe’s war of liberation; he died in a fire that gutted his house in August 2011.