Mujuru, Lawyer Kewada Part Ways Over Estate Wrangle

Former Vice President Dr Joice Mujuru has reportedly parted ways with family lawyer, Thakor Kewada as the wrangle over the estate of the late General Solomon Mujuru has reached boiling point.

General Mujuru’s estate has not been registered more than four years after his death despite the Deceased Estate Act stipulating that registration must take place within 14 days of the date of death.

In a letter to the Master of the High Court, Mujuru family lawyer, Kewada says he has informed the family that he will not act on their behalf.

Kewada says he came to that conclusion after Dr Mujuru failed to cooperate in bringing the last will of General Mujuru and register the estate in terms of the law.

Despite several requests for the General’s final will over the past four years, the former Vice President has appeared unmoved, says Kewada’s letter.

Kewada revealed that from the conversations he had with Dr Mujuru, it is clear that she has the will, adding that her daughter, Nyasha once told him that they held a family meeting in which a will was read.

The letter to the Master of the High Court states that if  Kewada had the original will, he would have lodged it with the High Court in terms of the law.

Kewada however indicated that he has a duplicate original of the Solomon Mujuru Family Trust in which 13 beneficiaries are listed, adding that there is a possibility that all his assets are registered or donated in the name of the family trust.

20 children are however claiming a stake in the Mujuru estate.

Kewada revealed that he was the one who drafted the last will of General Mujuru and offered advice in relation to his estate and he was nominated as the executor and has on several occasions seen the will at his offices in Churchill Avenue in Harare.

Meanwhile, the Master of the High Court, Mr Eldard Mutasa has appointed Mr Stern Mufara as the executor of the estate and ordered all the interested parties to give him maximum cooperation as he will be dealing with all matters affecting the estate as required by the law.