Mujuru Memorial Service Set For The Weekend

The memorial service for Mujuru, who died in a mysterious inferno last August, will be held at Ruzambo or Allaimaine farm on Saturday after delays for months.

An inquest into Mujuru’s death ruled out foul play and concluded the former army chief had died of carbonation.

The death of Mujuru, a decorated five star general, who led the guerrillas in the country’s liberation war, left more questions than answers for the family and friends in Zanu (PF) with close associates suspecting he had been murdered.

The Mujuru family had requested “exhumation” of the former army commander’s body or an examination with an independent pathologist to shed light on what exactly transpired.

Mujuru, who was husband to Vice President, Joice Mujuru, was said to be the leader of a moderate Zanu (PF) faction, which wanted to take over from President Robert Mugabe, after his death or retirement.

The other faction is led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, the feared Defence Minister and former personal aide of Mugabe, during the war.

Memorial services for the deceased in Zimbabwe are normally held after a month of the burial of the dead but Mujuru’s memorial service was delayed to allow the inquest to take place.